Hello World!

Hello world and welcome to the official blogsite of Team WOW, Workaholics on Wheels. This site has been set-up so that our friends, family, and coworkers can relish in our travels and experiences as we take part in the Des Moines Register’s RAGBRAI XXXVII. Our goal is to blog daily as we travel across the “road wrinkles” of southern Iowa, July 19 – 21.


2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Less than 10 days to go until we pedal the roads across southern Iowa. I anticipate we will have so much fun that we will not want to stop at the end of the 3rd day. I am sure that we will experience different things on this quest, including up close and personal views of Iowa road kill, intriguing styles of riders and their equipment, amazing food and hospitality, tired legs, sore bottoms, incredible sunrises and peaceful, quiet camping (okay, that may be a stretch). I am also positive that you will see more portable toilets than you have ever seen at one time in your life. But I have no doubt that this will be a great time for all and we will all leave with unique memories, to the point that we will want to get together some other time for another adventurous bike ride down some other roads. I am thinking Wisconsin 2010!!!!!!

    Bike Safe! (It stinks when you forget you have clips)
    Kathy S.

  2. I would have to agree with Kathy on all those points. My husband and I spent an entire week biking across northwestern Iowa with Kathy several years back and it provided us with countless memories and an experience we will ALWAYS treasure. Just take each day for the ride it is…..we will all make it and be so proud of ourselves when we are done. I always question myself at about the 40 mile mark and wonder why I put myself through these rides and at the end of it’s such a rush to have made it….looking forward to the “adventure”.

    And trust me it’s quite a site when Kathy forgets to clip out!!!! just remember to fall to the right!!!!

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