A Note From Glenn…

Yesterday was great fun! Our weather was outstanding, no rain and mid 80’s. Randy had a mechanical delay at the start so he and I left an hour behind the rest of the team (this is when he forgot the pedals). This was a great opportunity to pound the first 20 miles hard and fast. Caught the group and descended into the small town of Mineola for pie. The ride was filled with rolling hills. Took grief at lunch for not buying lunch from the Henderson FD but the Tyson grilled chicken looked too good to pass up. Every mile or so has some type of food vendor supporting a church or civic group. Made up for slighting the fire deptartment by buying water from the Boy Scouts. Rolled into Red Oak at mid afternoon with the first 55 miles in the books and met some interesting people and teams. I especially liked the bride and bridesmaids with veils in their helmets riding towards a Saturday wedding. Roger had our camp set-up and we grabbed a shower and some dinner.

 Woke up early this morning due either to barking dogs, trains, need to use the bathroom or anticipation of a new day. Feel blessed Barb and I could do this with Randy, SueAnn, and our friends from West Central. We have 72 miles to pedal with hills to climb. Overall the legs feel good so I am looking forward to another day of adventure.

 Signed a happy cyclist,



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