10th Annual NABR Ride

Kathy and Sarah rode in the 10th Annual NABR Ride in Nevada on May 1. First road ride of the year. The 32-mile course was great, although the 35 mph headwind provided quite the challenge. And along the way, the duo made a few stops at some interesting sites, and completed a Story County crop report.

And based upon the height of the corn in the fields, “road rest stops” were not advised.


One thought on “10th Annual NABR Ride

  1. Barb and I have done a few rides. Sunday we got up early and planned on doing 30 miles before the last church service. I had a flat so I made a not so quick tube change and loaded the bikes on the rack. It looked like me might still get all of our ride when I blew the same tube again. I sent Barb on her way– She shouldn’t hear me cuss like that.
    Went to the bike shop today to get a remedial tube changing lesson. Greg said it looked like I pinched the tube. We will try to get some miles in on Memorial Day. Hope everyone’s training is going well.


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