B4 Bike Ride

With less than a week to go to RAGBRAI, four members of Team WOW participated in the B4 Bike Ride in Storm Lake on Sunday, July 18. Kathy, Sarah, Lori and Bear all drove to Storm Lake for a final, 44-mile training ride before the big event. This is the second year members of Team WOW have participated in the B4, and all involved agreed that this year’s weather was much friendlier than last year’s, making for a much more enjoyable ride.

The B4 route took riders from Storm Lake, through the antique “town” of Hanover, to Schaller for lunch at Lobo’s Bar, and then back to Storm Lake. Along the way we stopped for some photos, and one member of the team even broke a “team rule” by answering her cell phone while riding! I guess we can be thankful she wasn’t texting too. The team did get an early start, which allowed for a pretty “open road” course, with Kathy and Bear leading the way.

One week to Sioux City…


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