RAGBRAI Night One: The Animals

We’ve made it to Sioux City and we’re ready to start riding tomorrow. We arrived mid-afternoon, found a camping site, and set-up camp. Yep, the Chrysler Building is in its glory. After we were all settled in, we walked downtown to check out the expo, grab some dinner, and find the Go Girl tent. Apparently, Go Girl is a RAGBRAI tradition for Team WOW!

We found quite a few animal statues along the way, thus the “animal” theme for the day. Later on, we made the Rockestra¬†concert, and Smash Mouth (Kathy and Sarah are going to “concert” their way through RAGBRAI).

Kathy and Sarah stayed at the concert later, and arrived home to find that they’re castle was turned into “party headquarters”. Let the pranks begin.


One thought on “RAGBRAI Night One: The Animals

  1. Glad to see the group is having fun. See Bear and Lori had to rest on the Bell. My guess with the tution they have helped to paid, they feel they own the bell.

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