Day One and Day Two

Well, we originally had a blog written yesterday, to tell everyone about our travels, but suffered a power shortage last night and are just now realizing you haven’t heard from us!

We just finished 80 miles today, and a total of 150 in two days. Both days we had great weather, although today we did have a bit of a headwind heading east. That headwind did however turn into a tailwind when we headed north. So far we’ve gone from Sioux City to Algona. Tomorrow we head to Clear Lake.

So… our activities this far. Lori, Bear and Sarah all tied for the “first to have a bloody mary”, since they all had one together. They’ve also been stopping to check out the “competition” as they’ve biked. In Plover, the team stopped for Iowa’s largest ham balls, made by the Methodist Grandma’s in the town. And for those of you who don’t know, Plover rhymes with Lover. The team consumed 9 ham balls, a 1/2 pound each.

Today we sat for a bit in Pocahontas, and listened to quite the musician. The chairs were provided by the Manor in town. You could tell.

Sarah and Kathy had their first taste of fried zucchini, Johnny was the first to get a massage, and Johnny and Glenn were the first to crash. And, they crashed with each other.

So far so good and we are looking forward to a short riding day tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Day One and Day Two

  1. Gary Forke and Bear’s maintenace team wants to see a little skin and not Bear’s!

    Ride looks fun-stay cool.

  2. I like the picture with the bell at BV. I’ve spent many of weekend nights waiting there for my ride to and from my festivities 🙂

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