Tuesday’s RAGBRAI Adventure

Tuesday started off by saying farewell to our overnight host, Doris. Doris had taken us to Emerald’s Restuarant the night before, home of the world’s largest Cheeto. Bear had his photo taken with the cheeto.

Tuesday was… an adventure. Some of us biked 60 miles, and some of us biked 70 miles. Obviously you can tell some of us were lost. Lori and Sarah met some Air Force guys and road with them for a while, that was their excuse. We’re not sure why Bear got lost.

The weather was hot and windy, and we had one road that kept us rather alert. Lori blew a tire, not just a tube, and Bear’s chain fell off. Those were our only mechanical mishaps. Kathy and Bear are now known as “Tim and Heidi”.

Once we arrived at our host house, former coworker Jerry, Sarah and Glenn were the first to jump in the lake channel. All teammates heard was heard was “one… two… three…” SPLASH!!

And for those of you who are worried, both Johnny and Glenn are doing well after their mild crash on Monday.


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