Glenn from Thursday

This account actually begins Wednesday afternoon.  We arrived at Charles City and visited the Miller Beer tent to celebrate another good day of riding and enjoy a tasty refreshment.  After our thirst was quenched, we proceeded to  Bill’s family farm.  What a treat!

Bill’s dad treated us to us to a feast, the pork tenderloin came from a hog raised on the farm.  As sides he made corn on the cob, pasta salad, and cucumber salad.  He also baked four pies for us.  If you think that this is a story about food, it is not.  It is about the generous hospitality of the people of Iowa.  When you tell people that you are going to Iowa for vacation to ride a bike in July, they think that you are nuts.  If you could experience the hospitality of Bill, Sr., you would begin to understand.  I also enjoyed the tour of the pig farm that was given by Bill’s brother Dave.

Today the extra 5 miles to get to the start was worth the stay at the farm.  Today was the long ride.  It turned out to be 87 miles.  I was not looking for more when we pulled in to Hawkeye Community College.  Barb and Sue rode 45 miles and headed for Jefferson.  It was fun to see them ride, laugh, and talk.  That’s all for now.


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