Friday: Waterloo to Manchester

We knew when we woke up Friday, rain was coming. Luckily we woke up early enough that we were able to get camp all packed up and put away while everything was still dry. Some teammates even helped each other pack to beat the inclement weather.

Once we hit the road, however, our day started to get soggy. As a matter of fact, it was downright wet and cold. We even biked among lightning and thunder. But that didn’t dampen our spirits (too much).

There were two theories to riding Friday:

  1. Ride as fast as you could in the rain to get to Manchester and get out of the rain
  2. Ride to one of the pass-through towns, find a warm, dry spot, and wait out the rain

Half of the team lived by the first theory, ride as fast as you could to Manchester and get out of the rain. The other half, found a nice warm spots in Shady Grove and Quasqueton to wait out the rain. Unfortunately, after the rain came wind.

By mid-afternoon, we’d all made it to Manchester. The theme for this overnight town was “Friday Night Lights”, and proudly displayed all over town were the orange and gold colors of the local high school. Riders were even greeted by a large, orange and black bicycle made of balloons.

And, a big orange and black bicycle wasn’t all that there was to be found in Manchester. Sarah and Lori even found a classic, rare, 1962 Schwinn Mini-Twinn! Banana seat and all!

Team WOW’s overnight accommodations were at the home of Marc and Kelly, friends of Kathy and former Carroll-ites. Marc and Kelly, along with their daughter, joined the team for a Surf and Turf dinner at the local Catholic church. And after that, it was time to rest up for the final day of RAGBRAI XXXVIII, and Potter Hill.


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