Thursday: Charles City to Waterloo

After Wednesday being the shortest day of the ride, we roll into Thursday… the longest day of the ride. Our goal for the day: Charles City to Waterloo. 82.2 miles, which quickly became 85. Luckily, the weather was decent, and stops along the way in Clarksville, Parkersburg, Stout, Dike, and Hudson provided a chance to relax.

Soon after leaving Charles City many of us witnessed or had to stop for a very unfortunate accident, a reminder to always ride safe.

Parkersburg was a great town for a break, although the road into town left something to be desired. This is also the town that was hit be an F5 tornado a few short years ago. This was evident as we rode south out of town, plenty of new houses and no trees. The high school was new as well, and tours were being offered for cyclists.

Somewhere, teammate and republican Glenn found an elephant. We think this happened at a home between Parkersburg and Dike, home to more political signs than any of us had ever seen! Meanwhile, Kathy bonded with Uncle Sam.

Lori and Sarah found Bear later that day at the Golf Course in Dike, which was quite the place for festivities. Not only was cold Bud Light Lime available on tap, the golf course also had a band, clean bathrooms, and participants could shoot for a hole-in-one chance at $10,000.

At the end of the day, Waterloo was a very welcome site. And by this time, many riders were dead tired.

Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo was a great place to camp overnight. The college’s facilities were very nice, and open to cyclists and campers overnight. The team even got to experience Joe’s Shower Shack, a trailer with individual showers available for a mere $5.

While most of the team took in dinner at HCC’s food court and then called it a night, Kathy went into town for some concerts, meeting up with daughter Amber for some good ol’ REO, Styx, and Journey tunes.


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