Saturday, July 31, was our final day of RAGBRAI XXXVIII. The day took us from Manchester to Dubuque. A relatively short ride, it was only 47 miles. 47 pretty tough miles.

The ride took us through Earlville, Dyersville, Bankston, and Graf, before heading into Dubuque. In Dyersville, Bear and Sarah finished up their seven day RAGBRAI bloody mary run. Dyersville is not only home to the Field of Dreams, but also the Basilica of St. Francis.

Bankston was also home to a nice Catholic church, and offered riders a chance to dunk a nun! That’s right, for $2, you had three chances to dunk a “nun” in a dunk tank.

A mile east of Graf came Potter Hill. A mile long and with a 19% grade, this was no ordinary hill. An estimated 80% of riders walked the hill, and I’m pretty sure it was 15 degrees warmer going up Potter Hill than at any other time during the days ride. Three members of Team WOW did make it, Kathy, Bear and Glenn. There’s no shame in walking up the hill, especially when you’re walking along side the air force.

At the top of the hill the team stopped for lunch at Tender Tom’s Turkey. With our belly’s full and rested, we headed toward Dubuque, only to come to a stop just a few seconds later! Somehow, during our stop, Glenn got a flat.  Glenn and Bear worked to fix the tire, with Kathy carefully watching.

Sometime during the repair, Lori decided to hula-hoop with the tire. You know you’re ready to be done with RAGBRAI when you’re hula-hooping with bicycle parts.

With fully inflated tires on all bikes, we headed into Dubuque. After a few twists and turns, we arrived at Lori’s brother and sister-in-law’s house, and our journey was complete. As a team, we’d successfully made our way from one end of the state to the other.

Until next year…


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