Glenn’s Top 10

If you are reading this blog and have never been on RAGBRAI, Glenn has composed a list of things you should do on your first RAGBRAI. Now, Glenn’s not claiming to be an all-knowing expert on RAGBRAI, but there are some things he thinks you should try to enhance your RAGBRAI experience.  Here is his top 10 list, in no particular order.

 10. Buy pie that was made by a church lady. In an ecumenical spirit, it does not matter what church you buy it from, but my testing revealed  that church ladies do make the best pie.

 9. Ride in a pace line. This may not be for everyone. RAGBRAI is a ride not a race but it is exhilarating to ride hard and fast.

 8. Stay at the home of an Iowan. The South doesn’t have anything on Iowa when it comes to hospitality. They are a proud and generous people. 

 7. Visit Mr. Porkchop. Iowa is the #1 pork producing state, so when in Iowa eat what they make a lot of. Pork chops.

 6. Stop at a cornfield if you can’t find a port-a-let. You can’t do that in New York City.

 5. Fill out your license plate and put it on the back of your bike. It will be a great way for people to meet you.

 4. Stop at the Miller beer slide. If you are too old to do the slide, watch and remember when you weren’t.

 3. Eat Chris Cakes. They are on the route each morning. It is a good carb meal for your day’s work. 

 2. Don’t rush through the pass-through towns. See #9, it is not a race. Talk to some town’s people. They have spent months getting ready for you to come.

 1. Set aside your inhabitations and do one thing that most of your friends wouldn’t think that you would do.


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