Kathy’s Utah Venture, Day 2

Today was a 61 mile in and out ride to Dewey Bridge. Breakfast at 6:30 and on the road by 7:30. It was nice and cool this morning as we road along the Colorado River. The view from my mobile office was absolutely beautiful as the sun can up over the canyon walls and painting the rocks with magnificent hues of red.

We road 15 miles to our first stop at Red Cliff Lodge. More on this place later. We were greeted with Iowa hospitality since my water angel from Day one was helping to man the rest stop.

The we have 15 more miles to historic Dewey Bridge which had burn down several years ago… None the less it was a great ride with fantastic scenery. Took a little break at Dewey and the hit the road back to Red Cliff Lodge and our lunch stop.

Had lunch with a couple that came here from Germany to ride. What fun. The lodge has a Film and Western Heritage Museum. We found the room dedicated to John Wayne and had to have our picture taken with him. We even poised him so he was standing just like the Duke and made him put on the serious face. The said they have John Wayne films at their home and the Duke speaks great German. The are a very interesting and fun couple. They do bike tours to different parts of the U.S. because it’s a better way to get to know our culture.

After our museum visit it was time to get back on the road for the last 15 miles and by now the temp is climbing. With full water bottles I hit the road and discover we also now have a head wind… Yeah!

Even though this is an in and out trip the scenery is still different because the sun is in a different place and it changes the cliff and canyon walls. This is also a pretty popular rafting area so we are continually passed by outfitters going up and down this scenic byway. Finally I get back to the campground and relax for just a few minutes…then off to get refreshed.

Tomorrow we go to Canyonland and have a 100 mile option…I’m still thinking about that one.


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