Kathy’s Utah Venture, Day 4

Moab to Green River – 50 miles

We were warned that the SW winds would be blowing and we were not disappointed. The first 30 miles or so were pretty much straight north so we had a nice tail wind blowing us to I-70. From I-70 we headed west and had a pretty significant cross wind. You had to hold on pretty tight to keep from being blown off your bike by the gusts over 25mph. And if that wasn’t enough, you had semis flying by you which caused blowback. But all in all, it was a good day. 

I was in by 11 am and hoping for a fun afternoon of whitewater rafting. But since it rained by Green River all day, the road to get there is not passable…so the trip was cancelled. So now between rain showers, we are meeting the new people who have joined the tour for the seven day adventure. 

Oh, and church last night turned out to be their Confirmation so I got to see the Bishop from Salt Lake City. He had a remarkable talk with the nine young ladies being Confirmed…I wrote notes when I got back so I can use some of it in CCD. 

Sorry no photos today although I took one of camp just for fun.


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