Kathy’s Utah Venture, Day 6

Hanksville to Torrey – 49 miles

The winds died last night and we had a fantastic day, but a bit cool. We started with coats and some with pants but it was a fantastic morning to ride…no wind. Our first stop was by a little bakery shack that was in a very remote area along the Fremont River. I went in to talk to the baker who used to be from South Dakota. He bakes bread and milks his goats to make cheese. Pretty crazy life.

It was about 40 miles down the road when we got to Captial Reef National Park – wow was this a beautiful park. There were trails to walk and a great scenic drive that we had the option to do. It was also our lunch stop and since lunch wasn’t ready and it was only 11, I hit the scenic route.

After about three miles of mostly uphill, I had a few doubts that this was a good idea, but I kept going. It was only going to be eight miles in and eight miles back out and so I kept going. Well I was rewarded when the scenery kept changing. It was great and ended by a Grand Narrows – which you could hike into another two miles but I opted to eat an apple visit with some other visitors and a motorcyclist from London (but temporarily in Kansas). Then I headed back on a mostly downhill road and even had to brake for several cars holding up my coasting. Got back to lunch and relaxed with other riders before I headed out to do the first of several 7-percent grade climbs. I did stop for a panoramic view and hiked a short way to take a few photos before finishing the last 11 miles. Many hills later I got to camp, which is up pretty high in elevation so tonight is pants and long sleeves.

Tomorrow is to be our hardest day as we go to Bryce Canyon. Suppose to be some 14 percent grades…ouch.


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