Kathy’s Utah Venture, Day 8

Escalante to Cannonville – 33.5 miles

This morning we had breakfast at 7 a.m. and were on the road by 7:30. It was to be a short day of only 33.5 miles, but after the super hard day yesterday, it was a welcome change. 

We started with 17 miles of steady uphill grade of 1-3% and a few 5’s but after that, we had a steep 12% downhill grade (7800′ summit) and then a steady downhilll after that. We rolled through an area that when the snow melts, the streams would be full, but right now they are nearly dry beds. As we closed in on Henrieville the scenery was ever changing. We went from grassy cow grazing areas to dry river beds to mountainous sandstone as we are still in Dixie National Forest and The Grand Staircase Nat’l Forest.  

About three miles further down the road we get to Cannonville, our overnight for today. We are at a KOA campground which is a nice change. Very neat and with a pool. I got in before 11:30 a.m. so helped off load the luggage and got almost first pick of campsites. I found one with a shade tree because today will be 97 degrees. Today will be spent cleaning my bike, catching up on my journal and most importantly… resting my legs. We have some climbs again tomorrow as we will be in Bryce Canyon National Park.


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