Less Than Two Weeks Till RAGBRAI!

The countdown is on! We’re 11 days away from the start of RAGBRAI XXXIX. While the team is busy training, GeoBike has recently released its take on this year’s route. GeoBike author Ketch gives the first two days the most critical review, citing the rollers and combined 9,000+ elevation climb. Day #3 brings us the “hill” of the event – Twister hill from the movie Twister. Days #4 and #5 are much easier, each at 55 miles a day. Day #4 is the smoothest day with only 1,147 feet of climb, and then day #5 picks up the pace again with 3,202 feet of climb. Day #6 is the longest day of the ride at 75 miles, and on day #7 we end the ride in Davenport where the Mississippi river runs east to west through town.

Stay tuned, our RAGBRAI coverage is just about the heat up (like the weather!)!


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