Could You Hear Us Sizzling?

Four members of Team GKOM hit the road yesterday for a 45-mile RAGBRAI trainer called the “B4 Ride” (a week before RAGBRAI… or beer, brats, bikes and…. something).

For those of you who haven’t stepped outside in the last seven or so days, let us warn you… it’s hot out. Wows! Current temps are between 108 and 115 and it’s supposed to get even hotter before it gets cooler! So needless to say, Kathy, Sarah, Lori and Neil all spent much of yesterday’s ride sizzlin’.

Each year, the B4 Ride gives us a taste of everything, and this year did not disappoint. We started out standing under an awning, trying to avoid some rather large rain drops and a hauntingly dark storm cloud. When things started to let up, we started biking in a light drizzle. The route took us west out of Storm Lake, and then we turned and started heading south. That’s when the headwind hit. For the next 10 miles. After turning east again and heading into Schaller, we had a slight cross wind, but that disappeared when we headed north (and a bit more east) for our final 1/2 of the ride. Without any wind and only a slight breeze, we really started to feel that heat. Entering into Buena Vista county, road crews have been busy replacing the concrete roads with fresh new blacktop. Black blacktop. Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.

The ride ended with some well needed refreshments. Teammate Sarah says she’s pretty sure she drank 10 bottles of water and Gatorade on the ride, and another one when the ride was over! Registration in the B4 Ride provided the team with some delicious burgers, water, and the traditional team favorite… bloody mary’s.

Which brings us to the next poll of the year.


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