Day 1

Day 1 got RAGBRAI XXXIX off to quite a start. After saying goodbye to our very gracious host in Glenwood, Jim, we headed out. It was a 59.5-ish mile course. Which is funny, because there were also 59 hills. But no, it wasn’t one hill every mile.

Day 1 gave us mechanical failures, a 113-degree heat index, and a teammate who didn’t feel so well because of the heat. We’re hoping that because of all of today’s troubles, we’ll be trouble-free from here to Davenport.

Quick blog tonight, but we’ll leave you with some photos. It’s almost dinnertime. More tomorrow!

Ready to go, Team GKOM.Dave from Oregon came to Iowa to bike with the team. It's his first RAGBRAI!
Dawn was the first to breakout the bike dancing this year.Our first "Dawg" house citing!
Mother-daughter duo!

And we’ll end with a poll…


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