Day 2 & 3

Sorry for the disruption in posts. Our sag vehicle went in one direction and the blog keeper in another last night, so there was no computer available to make an update.

For those of you who commented on the day 1 poll, regarding how many people made it up the 59 hills on the first day… everybody on the team made every single hill. Way to go Team GKOM! And on day 2, everyone made the hills again. 4,719 feet of climb day two. One blog reported it as “the most dreaded day” of RAGBRAI 2011.

Highlights of day two included the Danish town of Elk Horn, complete with mermaids! The group also stopped at the home of Danielle, Lori and Neil’s daughter. Mr. Porkchop was stationed here and the farmhouse was a buzz! We moved into Manning for lunch, and then on to Templeton. Of course, the Templeton Rye party was shoulder-to-shoulder, and rumor has it they ran out of rye by 4! After that it was Dedham, Willey, and then “home” to Carroll. The overall theme of the day was: hills.


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