Working Backwards: Days 2 and 3

Since we were unable to load any photos to go with our day 2 and 3 update, let’s do that now. As we said before, these days were hot and hilly. Elk Horn was a favorite pass through town for many, with plenty of opportunities to take some great pictures! Manning, Templeton, Dedham and Willey were stops along the way on day 2 as we worked our way to Carroll, one hill at a time. It was nice seeing some familiar faces, and elevators, as we went.

On day 3, we worked our way to Boone, again seeing several familiar faces and elevators. It really is a small world! For those of you who participated in the “Twister Hill” poll… the entire team made it up that hill, one way or another. Although, by the time we got to Davenport, Twister Hill was long forgotten and several other memorable climbers had taken it’s place (Mt. Colfax). Big thanks to hosts Janette and Smitty on Tuesday evening in Boone!

When we arrived in Elk Horn, it was “off with their heads”, Danish Viking style!

Dawn and Sarah were ready to trade in their two wheels for this rig by the time they reached Elk Horn!

In Kimballton, we ran into a couple of familiar faces, the son and daughter-in-law of coworker Tim. Reportedly, some team members found Tim doing a “field check” when he dropped these two off to ride for the day. Hopefully he was wearing his PPE!

It was time to break out the Hair of the Dawg when we’d hit Kimballton. Sarah and Neil found the town “dawghouse”.

This was a familiar sight for team members riding into Templeton.

Even Kathy was in the “gangster” mood by the time day 2 was nearing to a close.

 And the whole team celebrated with a pool party when day 3 was over. We made it up Twister Hill!

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