RAGBRAI Day 4: Boone to Altoona

Whoa! Where did these 23,00 bikers come from? That’s right, the Des Moines Register reported that on Day 4, from Boone to Altoona, there were 23,000 riders on this “epic” ride.

“An epic ride” was the theme for the Altoona overnight, and it was certainly one for the books. We slept in right field! Literally! A big thanks to the city of Altoona, and the city park for hosting us. Cheapest beer in town we found out, two for $6. Glenn treated the team to Applebees, it was nice getting out of the heat and into some air conditioning, if only for a while. And let’s not forget Joe’s Shower Shack. I think the name says it all.

The Day 4 route took us through Alleman, White Oak, Luther, Elkhart and Bondurant. And while the Ohio and Iowa contingents of our team spent the day pedaling away, our teammates from Colorado were headed home for the week.

In Alleman, this feathered friend was selling hard boiled eggs on a stick, two for $1! Now that’s a protein rush.

Once we biked into Altoona, it was time to set-up the tents! Roger had left us earlier in the week, so it was Neil’s day to sag. He found us camping spots right off 1st base, in right field!

Kathy’s getting ready to head to Joe’s!

Thanks to Glenn, we all enjoyed dinner in air conditioning during our overnight in Altoona.


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