Day 5 Riding: Altoona to Grinnell

There were two stand-out moments on this day’s ride: Mount Colfax and the Baxter church lady’s pies.

They said Twister Hill was the big hill on the ride, but I think several riders would argue that point. The “locals” kept saying “are you ready for the hill?” but we all figured, what hill? What hill could be any different than the 482 we’d already ridden? Well, we soon found out. Not even out-of-town we took a left hand turn and faced… Mt. Colfax. According to the Air Force team members riding in the “fast lane” on the left, it was an 11% grade. That felt about right.

In Baxter we were greeted by the nicest church ladies on this year’s route, and the very best pie. Coincidentally, it rained about that time, so we chose to let the rain pass and spend a little extra time in the Baxter Community Center (where the pie was).

We also rode past Mitchellville on day 5, home to the women’s correctional facility. None of us had to stay, but Kathy did note they were adding on. We also rode past a legendary Iowa “superstore”…

We weren’t the only ones who abandoned our bicycles in Baxter for the warm and dry Baxter Community Center!

We’re not sure why there was a white witch mannequin in the Baxter park, but we couldn’t resist having our “witch” take her picture with it!


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