Day 7: Corallville to Davenport

Our last day. We’re down to five team members, four riders and a SAG driver. Dave, Kathy, Sarah and Neil are on bikes, Lori is navigating the SAG truck to Davenport. It’s been a long week and everyone is ready to head home. Camping in the group campground was enjoyable, but the lingering humidity left enough dew on the tent in the morning Sarah still thinks it rained! After packing up camp, we were on our way.

The team stopped for breakfast at the winery in West Branch. Most of us had some great tasting cheesy hash browns. Neil has a wine-a-rite sample to wash his down. Sarah was excited to move onto Moscow, just so she could say she’d been to Moscow.

Overall, the route was relatively flat, but warm and humid again. Several water and Gatorade stops were made. Again, the group agrees that if we ever see another Gatorade bottle, it will be too soon.

We’d experienced several serious “up-hills” along the route, but rolling into Davenport we experienced quite the down-hill. Close to the end, we faced a 10% down-grade. Woooeeeeeee! But at the end, the mighty Mississippi was a very welcome site. We dipped our tires, headed to the truck, showered up and headed out.

The 2012 route should be announced the first week of February.

Packing up the tent for the last time in 2011.

It’s neat to see the patriotism displayed by towns along the RAGBRAI route.

Finally, we make it into the end town in time to see Team Air Force ride in (two-by-two). What a neat site! 130 team members this year.

Standing in line to dip his tire, Dave can see the Mississippi River, finally!

Kathy can’t wait to dip hers.

We did it!

Neil was the only one with enough energy at the end to lift his bicycle in celebratory style…


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