Trekking Across Ohio

Team GKOM’s Kathy is trekking across the great state of Ohio, as we speak. She is taking part in GOBA, The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure which runs through Saturday, June 23. Today is day three of Kathy’s adventure and she has this to say…

Day 3: hot.


No shade in camp today but they have opened the school for people to get out of the heat. We are in Ashville, OH. Tomorrow we go to Washington Court House.




I’ve hooked up with over a dozen people I did the Utah ride with two years ago. We all told of our favorite stories. I am going to dinner tonight with five of them.


The corn looks good here, its anywhere from several feet high to five foot tall. Beans are a little different story, barely up to a foot. Winter wheat is also varying from cut to still in the fields.


Not much else to report from my mobile desk. I will keep rolling along. 


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