Off to a Chilly Start

We had our first ride of the year last weekend, the Annual Des Moines Mayors Ride for Trails. Unfortunately, the temperature when we stepped out of the car was mid-30’s, a telling tale of what was to come. Nonetheless, bundled up and packed with Kleenex, we hit the trails!

The ride was a 25-miler, although Bear clocked 26.1 miles. Kathy, Sarah, Lori and Bear all made the trek. Our fellow teammate and biker Milan was planning on joining us, but he was stuck in Ohio where it was a balmy 60 degrees! We were jealous.

This ride is always a great start to a bike year: it’s packed with cycling enthusiasts, it provides a great tour of Des Moines neighborhoods and bike trails, and the lunch provided afterward is always worth the miles!

What’s up next? Only time will tell…

Lori is bundled up and ready to ride!
If you work quick, you can get a picture of Kathy when she’s not looking.
But if you’re not quick, Kathy puts up her helmet shield in a hurry!

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