A Message from Teammate Kathy…

Our teammate, Kathy, is heading out to bike the great state of Montana and will be sending daily comments for the blog. Stay tuned and stay updated!

A note from Kathy as she starts her journey…

I am sitting on the bus waiting to head to West Yellowstone. Amazingly enough, I am sitting with a group of people from Iowa or ISU graduates. Several also did the Utah ride that I did, but a different year. This is looking to be a pretty good sized ride. Probably a good thing because I heard at breakfast this morning that there have been four bear attacks in the north Yellowstone area.

As we roll out I look off to my left and see the mountain we will ride on the last day…crazy…and a little intimidating. Oh well. I will worry about that on day seven.

Gal behind me is from Wisconsin and got talked into this ride. She is meeting friends from another state. Parked next to a gal from Peoria, Illinois, so there are a fair number of women on the ride. Should be a great week. Weather is sunny and warm today, not as cold as I thought it would be this morning.

Mount Rushomore


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