Kathy’s Montana Adventure, Day 1

Started out cool in the morning, but by our first water stop it was time to shed the coat. By the next stop I got rid of my arm warmers and it just got hotter as the day went on. In the morning we road along the Madison river and the Hergen lake. The views were spectacular. A little hill climbing but not to bad. Lunch was alongside the Madison River and we saw a fly fisherman catch a trout and all cheered for him.

The last 35 miles were fairly flat but we had a bit of a cross wind which wore on you. Also, a fairly busy road with a speed limit of 75 and even though the shoulder was pretty good they sometimes didn’t give you much room. You also have to force yourself to drink or you will get dehydrated.

I got to Ennis around one as I forgot to check my watch and my speedometer is not working. Our camp is at a subdivision that never came to fruition. It is like a field of rocks and I used a rock to put in my tent stakes. No shade except where they put up our dining area. Hope it cools down as the sun goes down.


One thought on “Kathy’s Montana Adventure, Day 1

  1. ah, that’s my Montana, rocky but beautiful. Hey Kathy, going back to Iowa…Doug & Ashley decided to get married this weekend, 3 day notice, oh boy, and at the start of school to boot. hmmmm.

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