Kathy’s Montana Adventure, Days 2 & 3

Since the moderator – ahem, me – has been at off-site meetings for a couple days, we’re just now catching up with our teammate as she treks across the great state of Montana. Here are Kathy’s updates on days 2 and 3 of her adventure…

Day 2

The day started with an absolutely beautiful climb at mile 7 and did not end until mile 10. As cold as the day started, we warmed up in a hurry. Of course once we climb we get to descend and since that was at 7-percent grade we went down pretty fast… like 45+ miles per hour.

We rode along wheat fields for part of the morning and then rode in the valley after our second break. We had lunch in Three Forks which is where three rivers come together to form the headwaters of the Missouri River. Final 11 miles of the day was along the interstate so not great. Shower is done and I feel human again. It is very hot by 11 and it stays hot til the sun goes down.

A typical camp shot.
A typical camp shot.


Day 3

Today was a short day, mileage-wise, but tough headwinds prevailed as we rode through a canyon.

Scenery was fantastic but it got pretty smokey. We are very close to fires. We saw choppers with their water bags. It got better the closer we got to Gardiner.

Saw a yak, some bison and eagles today. We are just one mile from the entrance to Yellowstone. Tomorrow is a non-ride day so we’ll be on bus tours.

Hot again today and we are camped on a football field so there isn’t much shade in site. Later. I need to find something non-water to drink as I am watered out.


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