About the Team

We are officially on our third RAGBRAI, and excited that this year’s route will bring us home on Day 2! Remember, as we’ve said all along, we’re not a “bike team”. We don’t train 24/7. We don’t have all of the professional equipment. Usually, we’re working. But we do enjoy our time on the open road.

How’d this all start? After a swing through Ames during RAGBRAI XXXVI in 2008, it was mentioned that it would be “fun” to bike RAGBRAI one year. And as it turned out, 2009 was that year. And boy, did we have fun. As a matter of fact, we had so much fun, we’ve been doing it ever since! In 2009, we were only able to make the first three days of RAGBRAI, but since then we’ve made the entire week-long event.

Our group consists of a group of agricultural cooperative co-workers, our corporate insurance broker and his wife, and some other friends and family we’ve corrupted along the way. It’s an Iowa+ team. What started out as a comment quickly grew into a team. And while our team may not consist of professional or avid bikers, we will no doubt work as hard biking across the roads of Iowa as we do in the office.

Originally, we called ourselves Team WOW, Workaholics on Wheels. Fitting, but we’d since grown out of it. Today, we call ourselves Team Gotta Keep on Movin’. Just as fitting. We don’t stand still. We don’t sit for very long. We’re busy people and always on the go. After all, there’s plenty of road out there to explore!

Team rules:

  • There are no such things as hills, only road wrinkles
  • Cell phone use must be limited to stops (no doubt our team of workaholics will try to multi-task while biking)
  • What happens on RAGBRAI stays on RAGBRAI (unless it make the blog or YouTube)
  • This will be a bonding experience – the family comes together when it’s time to put up the tents
  • Keep the tents zipped!
  • No biker will be left behind
  • We’ve got 12 hours to get there