Trekking Across Ohio

Team GKOM’s Kathy is trekking across the great state of Ohio, as we speak. She is taking part in GOBA, The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure which runs through Saturday, June 23. Today is day three of Kathy’s adventure and she has this to say… Day 3: hot.   No shade in camp today but they have […]

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2012 Bike Season is Here!

It’s been unseasonably warm, and many of us have had an opportunity to turn those pedals a few times. The 2012 bike season is officially here, and in just a few weeks, a few team members will be off on their first ride, the Nevada Jaycee’s Annual Bike Ride (NABR). The team is still up in the […]

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Day 7: Corallville to Davenport

Our last day. We’re down to five team members, four riders and a SAG driver. Dave, Kathy, Sarah and Neil are on bikes, Lori is navigating the SAG truck to Davenport. It’s been a long week and everyone is ready to head home. Camping in the group campground was enjoyable, but the lingering humidity left enough […]

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Day 6: Grinnell to Corallville

Day 6 was the longest day of the 2011 route, and it was hot to boot. But, it was College Spirit day! Lori and Neil wore matching UNI jersey’s to show their team pride. Sarah was driving the SAG vehicle, but wore her ISU hat into Hawkeye territory anyhow. It earned her an interview with […]

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Ohio Teammates Day 3 Post

Today is Thursday and the week is flying by. I elected to take my turn as the SAG driver today. Roger, I promise not to tell a good gig it is.  Oh I think I just did. Grinnell is our overnight town tonight. Another “neat as a pin” Iowa town. Not sure what “neat as […]

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Day 5 Riding: Altoona to Grinnell

There were two stand-out moments on this day’s ride: Mount Colfax and the Baxter church lady’s pies. They said Twister Hill was the big hill on the ride, but I think several riders would argue that point. The “locals” kept saying “are you ready for the hill?” but we all figured, what hill? What hill […]

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Day 2 Post from Team Member Glenn

Day two of riding for me. Iowa hospitality has not let me down. Our accommodations have been outstanding. After riding in heat that was showing over 100 degrees on my computer today, Janette’s pool was a very welcome sight. I got to ride with the Colorado kids today. I enjoyed it immensely and appreciated that […]

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