Team Members, 2010

Sarah, Communications/Public Relations

What Sarah is most looking forward to on RAGBRAI XXXVIII: small towns, good food, bike dancing, and setting up the tents! Oh, and who’s doing the crop reports?

Kathy, Risk Manager

What Kathy is most looking forward to on RAGBRAI XXXVIII: sitting back and watching Milan set up the “Chrysler Building”, driving Roger crazy by loading stuff on the SAG trailer in an unorganized and unauthorized manner, and riding next to Barb while singing “I Feel Good!” and bike dancing. Or maybe its just the thought of spending time with friends, family, and new acquaintances as we bike our way across the state and experience life in small town Iowa.

Roger, Corporate Vice President

What Roger is most looking forward to on RAGBRAI XXXVIII: having a dry tent when the GUARANTEED overnight rain arrives.

Milan, Corporate Vice President

What Milan is most looking forward to on RAGBRAI XXXVIII: putting up the “Chrysler Building”, eating a whole bag of potato chips every night guilt free, visiting more Iowa small towns, and being with friends.

Johnny, Sales

What Johnny is most looking forward to and his goals for RAGBRAI XXXVIII: being a part of the most talked about party (bike ride) across the state of Iowa that doesn’t include Highway 30, actually getting verification of this “Chrysler Building” without having to vote on a bailout, making new friends that have fun, friendship, and camaraderie, being witness to “bike dancing”, and getting to know everyone on another level of relationship beyond work all while we are on two wheels. My goals are to slow down, relax, and enjoy all that this ride is about. Do all of this and remain upright for the duration!

Lori, Grain Merchandiser

What Lori is most looking forward to on RAGBRAI XXXVIII: good company, good food, and a good time, along with a little “bike dancing” and coming home with a good tan! Lori’s goal for this year’s RAGBRAI: to remember it’s not a race and “enjoy the ride”.

Barb, Human Resources

Barb’s goal for RAGBRAI XXXVIII: to eat something in every town and enjoy the ride.


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