Team Members, 2011

Sarah, Communications and PR (and team blog keeper)

What Sarah is most looking forward to on RAGBRAI XXXIX? First and foremost… riding home. Then of course, all the good ol’ RAGBRAI traditions, including great small towns, amazing food, the open road, friends and fun. No wonder RAGBRAI made Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Things to Do in Life” list!

Kathy, Risk Manager (and team captain!)
After wrapping up RAGBRAI in 2010, Kathy headed west for a 10-day bicycle tour of Utah's state parks.
What is Kathy looking most forward to this year? I am looking forward to the new dynamics of our team this year.  We have at least 6 RAGBRAI newbies joining us for the ride so I will be curious to see what their impressions of Iowa are from this perspective. And speaking of newbies, I am very much looking forward to sharing RAGBRAI with my daughter Dawn and her husband Will who live in Denver. We three share a love for biking so it will be fun to spend three days with them amongst 10,000 other bike enthusiasts. I also get a quick visit with their 6 ½ month old son, James. But as always, I enjoy experiencing Iowa from the seat of my bike, with good friends, good food and small town hospitality. Later….”Gotta Keep on Movin…..”

Roger, Corporate Vice President (and official SAG expert)

What Roger is most looking forward to on RAGBRAI XXXIX: the air conditioner in the SAG ‘wagon’ (especially the first few days when the temperature is over 95)! And as MUCH as I love work, it will be nice to be away from the quote screen for a few days.   
Susan, Homemaker
Amanda, Law Student
Milan, Corporate Vice President

Lori, Director of Grain Merchandising

What Lori is most looking forward to on RAGBRAI XXXIX: relaxing as I ride and just enjoying the time….no hurries….no deadlines…just me/my bike/friends and a lot of road to cover!!!

Lori and Neil, relaxing during the Storm Lake overnight in 2010.

Bear, Maintenance Scheduler

Glenn, Corporate Vice President

What is Glenn looking forward to during RAGBRAI XXXIX? I am looking forward to time away from what I do the other 51 weeks of the year and being the recipient of Iowa’s generous hospitality. Did I mention, I am also looking forward to eating pork chops, ice cream, pie, and anything else put in front of me. Riding each day burns about 3,500 additional calories and I don’t plan on losing weight!

Barb, Educator

What is Barb looking forward to most on this year’s RAGBRAI ride? I am looking forward to riding through the Iowa countryside, eating delicious food, and meeting a lot of great people!

Dawn, Accounting Manager

What is Dawn looking forward to on RAGBRAI XXXIX? I am looking forward to riding in my very first RAGBRAI. I am excited to get to bond and create crazy memories with my husband, mom and friends! I just realized that these may be my first two nights in six months that I get uninterrupted sleep. Love you James! Mostly, I’m excited to get back home and spend some time in the state I grew up in and love!

Dave, Retired Tax Accountant, School Bus Driver and Short Order Cook (wow!)

What is Dave looking forward to on RAGBRAI in 2011? Doing this mystical thing called RAGBRAI which everyone everywhere talks about, knocking another state off my goal of doing a week-long ride in all 50 states, and meeting this team who’ve let me join them…

Lauren, Commercial Real Estate Associate

What is Lauren excited for on RAGBRAI ’11? I am looking forward to meeting new people and completing my first official ride/race on a road bike! I just bought my first bike in April. I’m excited to say RAGBRAI will be my first major organized ride of my road biking adventure!


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