Team Members, 2013

The team is back and we’re ready to bike!

Kathy, risk management guru and hopeless grandparent

RAGBRAI Day 5 and 6 009

It has been a long winter and it’s time to start thinking about our summer adventures.  This year the hope is to have a few more rides together on some single day adventures.  It would be a fun to have each team member pick a favorite route in the 25 – 40 mile range so we can all enjoy some time together that fits better in everyone’s schedules.  We could make them loop rides with a lunch stop in the middle or for some of the team… it might need to be a Bloody Mary.

My big goal this year is to get trained  to do the inaugural ride called Cycle Greater Yellowstone in Wyoming and Montana.  This will happen in late August so I will have plenty of time to train. I am hoping to take a few extra days to spend some time in the Yellowstone area before I return back to Iowa.  I can’t wait to experience the views and make new two-wheel friends.

I also plan to get a few trail rides in this year.  I would like to spend some time on the Mississippi River trail and also check out the Sparta- Elroy trail in Wisconsin.  It has been a few years since I have been over that way, so it will be fun to see the changes and explore the trails that it connects with.

Stay tuned for updates.  This year should prove to be a good time on the road.

Lori, grain sales manager extraordinaire and doting grandma

RAGBRAI 7-30 and 7-31-10 003
Lori and Bear

My goal for the year is to ride my bike MORE than I found the time to do in 2012! This year, we’re signing up for rides and committing to riding.

Sarah, leader of all things communicative and promotional, old soul

I can’t wait to get on the road and bike! My goal is to ride the Bike-the-Border ride in North Dakota this year, however that’s still up for debate. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to travel the roads and trails of the great state of Iowa. We have so many paths yet to discover, and so many Bloody Mary mixes yet to taste.


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