Team Members, 2009

 Randy, Pastor

 RAGBRAI XXXVII Goal: My goal is to ride all three days without getting a grease tattoo on my leg!
Sue Ann, Nurse

RAGBRAI XXXVII Goal: My goal is to avoid leg cramps so bad that I have to cuss like a sailor in front of people I don’t know very well.

Sarah, Communications/Public Relations

RAGBRAI XXXVII Goal: Breathe. Relax. Enjoy.


Glenn, Insurance Broker

RAGBRAI XXXVII Goal: My goal is to determine which town in southwest Iowa is the most hospitable, as determined by the quality and quantity of the food available, the friendliness of the smiles, and overall excitement of the people. 


Barbara, Educator

RAGBRAI XXXVII Goal: To finally do the same thing I tell the kids to do all summer. Go outside and play. 

Roger, Corporate Senior Manager

RAGBRAI XXXVII Goal: As the official sag-wagon driver, my goal is to determine what everyone will need before the trip. Then, my goal is achieved before hand and I can relax… 

Lori, Grain Merchandiser

RAGBRAI XXXVII Goal: Enjoy the ride, the scenery, the company, and hopefully finish each day of riding with a smile.

Barb and Lori take a break after checking out the Expo.
Barb and Lori take a break after checking out the Expo.

Milan, Corporate Senior Manager

RAGBRAI XXXVII Goal: Enjoy the challenge of a new experience; to see if I can actually do this bike ride of over 200 miles that is full of hills; to take in the beauty of a new part of the world I have not yet seen; to revel in the metaphysical state of being that is juxtapositioned between the mental drive to complete the ride while enduring the body’s physical pain. But most of all, being able to share this experience and spend time with a handful of superb people that I have the good fortune of working with every day. 

Barb, Human Resource Manager

RAGBRAI XXXVII Goal: Meet new people, enjoy the ride, eat good food, and have fun


Kathy, Risk Manager

RAGBRAI XXXVII Goal: There is nothing more serene than getting up before dawn’s early light and watching a majestic sunrise as you travel down the back roads of Iowa. Just the thought of taking in the panoramic view from the seat of a two wheeler and having all of your senses come alive with the beauty of nature all around you makes all the hours and miles of training worth it. It’s such a natural high that I can’t imagine any drug could top. So, my goal on these three days is to just take some time to truly appreciate the great world we live in and to enjoy time with friends, co-workers and fellow RAGBRAI riders as we partake of small town Iowa hospitality.


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