The Best and Worst of RAGBRAI XXXVII

According to our very  own Team WOW members, we’d like to give our thoughts on the very best and the very worst of RAGBRAI XXVII…

Randy, Pastor

RAGBRAI Best: The rollers on Day 1!
RAGBRAI Worst: Standing under the hatchback of the sag vehicle in the rain.
Sue Ann, Nurse
RAGBRAI Best: Riding the $6,000 Trek Modena up and down the hills in the third ring.
RAGBRAI Worst: Returning the $6,000 Trek Modena.
Sarah, Communications/Public Relations
RAGBRAI Best: Ice cream every day!
RAGBRAI Worst: The final two hills coming into Indianola.
Glenn, Insurance Broker
RAGBRAI Best: Meeting all kinds of people.
RAGBRAI Worst: Meeting all kinds of people.
Barbara, Educator
RAGBRAI Best: Finishing all three days strong after six weeks of training.
RAGBRAI Worst: Starting the last day in the rain.
Lori, Grain Merchandiser
RAGBRAI Best: Getting to the top of the last hill in Indianola!
RAGBRAI Worst: My worst moment of the ride was about mile 55 on day two, sitting on top of another hill and seeing another hill coming up and really not thinking I could make it. But I did!
Roger, Corporate Senior Manager
RAGBRAI Best: How appreciative the team was of my efforts, I didn’t do anything compared to you guys!
RAGBRAI Worst: Camping in the rain… next to the guys on the TOUR BUS.

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