Straight from the riders and participants themselves, we’d like to give you Team WOW’s thoughts on the very best of RAGBRAI XXXVIII, and the very best pass-through towns visited during this year’s trek.

Kathy, Risk Manager

Parkersburg was very uplifting for a pass-through town. For a community that was devastated with a tornado in 2008 followed by a prominent community members death in 2009, they had very positive messages welcoming us to their town. This is a community that will ban together and move ahead… always forward.

My favorite memory will forever be the host families that we stayed overnight with and/or staged vehicles with this year . They made this the best RAGBRAI I have ever been on. Each one was so welcoming and gracious in their hospitality to our group. I can’t thank them enough for allowing us to interrupt their lives and invade their homes. And last but certainly not least, what a great group of people that we call Team WOW… from the SAG drivers to the riders. It was a great time so thanks to everyone for my many memories.

Glenn, Insurance Broker

My favorite pass-through town was Cartersville. If a town of 15 people could put together a rope swing like that, I want to be there. Do you think I could talk Barb into retiring there?

My favorite memory of RAGBRAI XXXVIII was eating and staying overnight at a pig farm. Can’t do that in Cincy.

Barb, Educator

My favorite town was Clarksville. I liked the library, their bathroom and the nice librarians. My favorite memory of RAGBRAI XXXVIII was listening to live music about pork in a pass-through town.

Sarah, Communications

My favorite pass-through town was, without a doubt, Pocahontas. I could have sat in those manor chairs all afternoon! I think those folks are on to something.

As for my favorite RAGBRAI XXXVIII memory… there are so many! Of course, those that pop out are jumping in the lake at Jerry’s after a 90 mile ride and 100+ degree heat, our fine friends in the Air Force, our many great overnight hosts, the world’s largest Cheeto which was really rather inadequate, the gentleman who made it all the way up Potter’s Hill carrying his three sons with hundreds of people cheering him on, and last but not least, Lori hula-hooping with a tire.

Lori, Grain Merchandiser

My favorite pass-through town was Pocahontas…I enjoyed the musical entertainment, the “lounging” chairs, and the ice cream sandwiches. Good memories! And great way to start off the week!

Johnny, Sales

I have to say that the experience of the ride was, well, more than what I had expected. Not so much in the ride itself, but the personalities of the people who chose to take a full week out of their lives to get on two wheels, pee in corn fields, eat pork chops out of a pink bus, and sleep in a tent in an unfamiliar place (sometimes with hundreds of unfamiliar people), and get up the next morning and ride as if it were the first day all over again. I was lucky in that the weather was all that one could ask for to ride a bike in Iowa, in July. As I rode the miles and collected my beads, the manner in which will remain a “what happens on RAGBRAI stays at RAGBRAI” phenomena, I met people from all over and never an unfriendly face or attitude. I was lucky to meet, ride, and get to know those of you that work together and/or see one another on a regular basis. I envy all of you in that you are wonderful, generous, caring, and kick ass people!

I think that my most favorite pass-through town on my short ride was the town right after Britt that had the Barney and Otis jail stage and Aunt Bee with her strawberry pie. If I’m not mistaken, it was also the town that Glenn and I were dancing with (no need to go into that either) the high school band playing YMCA by the village people! Hmmmmmm… did I earn beads there or not? Thank God Glenn’s camera wasn’t working for some reason or another! It was 106 degrees on my bike computer when we left and we still had another 25 miles to go. We were both all fueled up with pie and ice cream, reloaded water bottles, and ready for the final miles until we could relax, take a well needed shower, and wait on everyone to gather and get ready to see what the host town had to offer for the evening. 

I can hardly wait until next year when this time rolls around and I am looking forward to riding the full week and doing the best I can not to run into Glenn. This is a great group to ride with and I will be anyone’s wingman anytime, anyplace.

Milan, Corporate Vice President

My favorite pass-thru towns were Britt, a neat little town with a lot of fun things to do; Gardner, just a beautiful city; and Pocahontas, the rest rooms at the city hall were the best! My best memories are those of setting up the Chrysler Building, eating potato chips ad nauseam, learning to change a bike tire, and an unsuccessful attempt at Potter’s Hill. But most of all, I enjoyed spending time with great people, and receiving some of the finest hospitality I have ever experienced from those who hosted us along the way.

Logan, SAG Director

I enjoyed watching the human piranhas devour everything insight when they returned from a day of biking with their voracious appetites!


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