Wednesday: Clear Lake to Charles City

Wednesday’s route was the shortest route of the trip. The route took us through the towns of Swaledale, Rockwell, Cartersville, and Rockford.

We left Clear Lake, saying goodbye to our hosts, Jerry and Sandy. We greatly appreciated their hospitality, and enjoyed catching up with our former coworker, Jerry.

We quickly rode through Swaledale, headed to Rockwell. In Rockwell, Sarah’s parents were waiting to meet the team with bottles of well appreciated cold water. While chatting with the parents, a few team members thought it would be fun to trade in their two wheels for Ed and Mary Ellen’s four wheels – a mini cooper. Can you believe four grown adults can fit in the front of a mini cooper?

In Cartersville, we witnessed a flying-trapeeze-into-a-pond activity that was quite entertaining. Unfortunately, we heard later that the Iowa State Patrol had to shut down the activity. Too bad.

In Rockford, Lori and Bear ran into some former Pella coworkers of Bear’s, also on the ride.

Once in Charles City, Glenn, Barb, Sue, and Milan stopped at the Miller Lite tent to celebrate another successful day of riding. Then, all met up at our host farm, Bill’s. Bill, Sr., is the father of coworker Bill, Jr., and kindly allowed the team to crash at his farm. He even generously cooked us dinner, including pork loin, corn on the cob, side dishes, and four homemade pies. The highlight of the evening was sitting around later with Bill’s family, listening to stories of days gone by.


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